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A strategy should be simple and easy to understand. The Context Triple A Strategy Model will help you achieve this.


A strategy is only needed if you are trying to do something difficult. That’s why our three step model starts with Analysis first. This is when you are honest with yourself and state the problems you face.

Second, and before you think of solutions, you decide on your approach – the principles (or style) that you will use when choosing between different actions. Only then do you got to the third stage and investigate what actions are appropriate and effective.

Strategy development is simple in concept, but a lot more difficult in practice. That’s why we will be there to stimulate your thinking and guide you to the correct conclusions.

Case Studies

Defining Corporate Responsibility for Kazakhmys


Context has been helping London-listed natural resources company Kazakhmys refine its approach to corporate responsibility since 2009. Initially our work involved advising the company as it defined its priorities and commitments and established non-financial key performance indicators for the first time.

To strengthen the corporate responsibility chapter of Kazakhmys’ annual report – which we have written since 2009 - we gathered useful feedback from investors, analysts, fund managers as well as socially responsible investors about their expectations of the company.

The result: more focused and transparent content covering all material issues, including performance data, case studies and future commitments.

Developing a climate change strategy for WPP


Climate change is no longer an issue solely for big carbon-intensive industries. Marketing services group WPP is responsible for only about 250,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions a year, but is determined to improve.

Context helped WPP launch its climate change strategy by establishing measuring systems, calculating the group’s carbon footprint, setting reduction targets, advising on the purchase of carbon offsets, and communicating WPP’s strategy to employees across the global company.

Triple A prevents strategic missteps


Using our Triple A model (see illustration above) we helped a famous consumer brand test a range of environmental actions they planned to implement. The rigour of the Triple A model revealed quickly that most of their planned actions – all perfectly plausible out of context – would fail to build the brand’s equity with consumers.

The company consequently shifted its direction, and we are working with them to develop a strategy that will bring strong business and brand benefits.

Defining your material issues


Assessing materiality is important, especially since the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) decided that you need only report on topics that are significantly important to your business and stakeholders.

But how do you define what’s material?

Context has been helping companies in Europe and the U.S.A. answer this question, using our tried and tested materiality tool. Our simple and cost-effective process will help you to:

  • Define your material CR issues
  • Set your parameters
  • Conduct the assessment
  • Create a materiality matrix.

We will adapt the process to suit your needs.


To discuss how Context can help your organization, contact Peter Knight (Europe), Jaycee Pribulsky (New York), and Simon Propper (Los Angeles).



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@MorganStanley shows saintly investors do better than sinners. Sustainability rules!

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GSK launches its 2014 Responsible Business Supplement

Context client, GSK, has launched its 2014 which focuses on the company’s progress against its 23 responsible business commitments.


Anna Klein, Executive Director, Global Communications, The Estée Lauder Companies
"We benefit greatly from their sustainability expertise and enjoy their good humor, deep thinking and practical solutions.” More...