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Communicating with purpose

What’s the true value of your sustainability efforts if nobody knows about your success? How can you change behaviour and perceptions? Bolster your brands?

Your audiences want to be engaged through compelling stories told with authenticity, reflecting a company with purpose and brands of sustainable value.

Then they will retell your stories. That’s how a conversation starts.


  • We will listen to your stakeholders and research their needs
  • Using our Triple A strategy development model, we will Analyse the challenges, define your Approach (communications principles) and agree Actions (tactics) and metrics of success.
  • We will activate the strategy to excite your audiences using the appropriate media and most efficient channels.
  • Be acknowledged for contributing to a more sustainable world. We will help you be the centre of the conversation.

Our experience

Nearly 20 years of helping our clients communicate about sustainability through:

  • Fully immersive experiences – video, infographics, Parallax presentation – for employees at one of the world’s most inspiring retail brands.
  • Animated videos
  • Twitter campaigns on human rights and business, water…
  • Story telling using digital and traditional media
  • Hand-crafted infographics to fortify brand messaging.

Boost your reporting ROI

Your sustainability report is a big investment in time, sweat and money – but your stories and achievements remain locked in the report. Let’s work together to max your reporting ROI and tell your sustainability story to everyone who matters.

We’re offering an affordable, clearly-priced strategic package that will convert your report into targeted:

  • Tweets (regular and sponsored)
  • Facebook posts (and/or Google +)
  • Blog posts
  • Bespoke infographics
  • Animated videos
Let’s fire up the Context Communicator machine to build your brand, engage your stakeholders, and celebrate your achievements.

Contact Peter Knight (Europe) or Jaycee Pribulsky (Americas).


  • C26 Jack’s Place
  • 6 Corbet Place
  • London
  • E1 6NN
  • Tel: +44 20 7426 5430
  • Email: Peter Knight

Los Angeles

  • 7083 Hollywood Boulevard
  • Los Angeles
  • CA 90028
  • Email: Simon Propper

New York

  • New York
  • 29 Broadway
  • Suite 1610
  • New York, NY 10006.
  • Tel: +1 212 216 9773
  • Email: Jaycee Pribulsky


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  • Registered Office: Mitre House, 12-14 Mitre Street, London, EC3A 5BU
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Financial stability without environmental sustainability? We need a 'cool trillion'. How fossilists hold us back.

About 2 days ago from Context's Twitter via Hootsuite

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GSK responds to SDG ratification: a guest blog from Jon Pender, GSK

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Ramon Arratia, European Sustainability Director,

"I look to Context for strategic advice. They have a strong capacity to differentiate between routine CR management issues and legitimate sustainability goals, and bring high-level ideas into sharp strategic focus."More...